David Batchelor

Project Manager-Severe Weather Plan Highways England

David currently holds the role of project manager for Highways England leading on severe weather planning, as well as severe weather research and development.

For more than 30 years David has been at the very forefront of winter service delivery, management and innovation.  He is recognised as an expert in this field, and through his passion and commitment continues to innovate and foster collaboration to deliver excellence in winter service.

Starting his career at Surrey County Council, David rose to become the Winter Service Manager and led the implementation of a UK leading ice prediction and weather forecast system into the County.  During the late 90’s David orchestrated the trial and introduction of pre-wetted salting and brine application in Surrey.  This system of salt application was a first for the UK and built on the strong European and Scandinavian exchange of expert winter practice that David was able to develop. 

Moving into the private sector in 2000 David was a founding member of the National Salt Spreading Research Group (NSSRG), later to become the NWSRG.  This group of experts is now recognised as one of the leading research bodies for winter service.  David was later to become the first Technical Consultant to the NSSRG as he formed his own winter consultancy company in 2001. He now sits on the Steering and TAG Groups of NWSRG as the Highways England representative.

David also has extensive experience in the commercial sector of winter service, having worked with several leading companies in the fields of ice prediction and RWIS, weather forecasting, winter research and innovative salt application solutions.

David maintains strong links with best practice and research across Europe and is looking to enhance knowledge exchange and collaboration with other international road administrations as well as academia, which is such an important part of continuous improvement for winter service.

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