Don’t miss Exactrak at Cold Comfort 2019

Stand A03, 15th-16th May, Harrogate


Exactrak is excited to be exhibiting at Cold Comfort for yet another year! Each year the conference brings unmissable insight and best practice into the winter service sector and 2019 is no different.

One of this years’ programme highlights focuses on how technology is driving change in the winter service sector. Exactrak is playing a big part in that change with route navigation software, Navtrak, which automates winter maintenance route navigation and salt spreading.

Through Navtrak’s route navigation technology, local authorities can free up human resource by eliminating the need for two people in gritting cabs. The technology also brings flexibility to the gritting fleet, as the step-by-step navigation process allows any gritter driver to drive any route without having prior training. Plus, the automated salting function keeps gritter drivers safe by focusing solely on driving the route, without having to worry about missing treatment sections.

Recently Exactrak’s latest technology offering, Map-a-Route, has given local authorities the ability to map their winter maintenance routes in-house. Local authorities can now make changes to routes and communicate them instantly to gritter drivers. This instant reaction allows local authorities to amend routes as a result of road closures or weather changes, while offering a solution to better manage salt stocks by continually optimising and fine-tuning salt spreading.

Map-a-Route also captures valuable winter maintenance route data including route efficiency statistics, service distance and estimated salt usage.

If you’re visiting Cold Comfort, visit Exactrak on stand A03 to give Map-a-Route a go for yourself. Build a winter maintenance route for your council area then watch the gritter complete the route and see if it makes it back to the depot in time, or if your salt stocks will last the entire route!


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