Provisional programme

The full 2019 programme will be announced shortly.  Bookmark this page for updates on participating speakers and sessions details

Provisional 2019 programme includes:

Local authority case studies-how are local authority changing and adapting their winter plans and strategies
A winter 2018/19 review-featuring Highways England, local authorities and Transport Scotland
How technology is driving change in the winter sector
Understanding what makes a good winter service plan as part of plans to get people and goods moving on the UK network

Programme highlights at a glance:

Espoo Smart City- changing the game of street maintenance in Espoo
• RWS project where Espoo invested in two weather stations to gain better knowledge of local weather and forecast. Also this allows us to use thermal mapping in near future to optimate de-icing treatments
• Snow melting, this winter we have been using a portable snow melter to reduce truck traffic as traditional snow removal operations require massive truck traffic. We believe that treating snow problems locally is the key to success in future in tightening city structure
• Customer orientated and transparent communications of condition of street maintenance. Our Citizens can follow on a map how our winter maintenance is proceeding in Espoo, which streets are ploughed and treated with de-icing material
Toni Korjus, Head of Infrastructural Services, Public Works Department, City of Espoo

Dealing with the big freeze-the extreme cold of winter 2018/19 in the US
• How extreme cold weather affected the US in winter 2018/19
• Dealing with the conditions and managing the transport and highway networks
• Lessons learnt and planning for the future
Matthew Morreim, Division Manager, Street Maintenance, City of St. Paul Public Works

A Winter 2018/19 review-live panel discussion
• Winter 2018/19-the main challenges and opportunities
• Implementing new technology and innovation
• What more research is needed for our sector and how do we plan for the future
David Bachelor, Highways England and representatives from local authorities

A66 Winterpave trials
• Report on the progress of the trial so far
• Expected benefits
• Future trials and development
Steve Mason, Senior Project Manager – Cumbria & North Lancashire, Highways England

Planning and implementing for a new fleet
• Highways England’s new winter fleet
• Planning and implementing them on the network
• The challenges and opportunities of a new fleet
Jane Wilkins Winter Fleet, National Depot Project Sponsor, Highways England

Local authority case studies, how technology is driving change in the winter sector and a view from the airport and much more