Cold Comfort 2019 Programme

Day One: Wednesday 15 May

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10.50 - 11.00

Introduction & Welcome

Speakers : Roger Williams, Head of Surface Access Strategy, Gatwick Airport Limited

11.00 - 11.35

Dealing with the big freeze - the extreme cold of winter 2018/19 in the US

• How extreme cold weather affected the US in winter 2018/19
• Dealing with the conditions and managing the transport and highway networks
• Lessons learnt and planning for the future

Speakers : Matthew Morreim, Division Manager, Street Maintenance, City of St. Paul Public Works, Minnesota

11.35 - 12.10

A Winter 2018/19 review-live panel discussion

• A review of the 2018/19 season-lessons learnt
• Main challenges and opportunities in the sector
• Implementing new technology and innovation
• How is technology driving change on the network
• How can we make the UK network more resilient?

Speakers : David Batchelor, Project Manager-Severe Weather Plan, Highways England Carol Valentine, Kent County Council

12.10 - 12.40

Espoo Smart City- changing the game of street maintenance in Espoo

• RWS project where Espoo invested in two weather stations to gain better knowledge of local weather and forecast. Also this allows us to use thermal mapping in near future to optimate de-icing treatments
• Snow melting, this winter we have been using a portable snow melter to reduce truck traffic as traditional snow removal operations require massive truck traffic. We believe that treating snow problems locally is the key to success in future in tightening city structure
• Customer orientated and transparent communications of condition of street maintenance. Our Citizens can follow on a map how our winter maintenance is proceeding in Espoo, which streets are ploughed and treated with de-icing material

Speakers : Toni Korjus, Head of Infrastructural Services, Public Works Department, City of Espoo, Finland

12.40 - 13.00

Planning and implementing for a new fleet

• Highways England's new winter fleet
• Planning and implementing them on the network
• The challenges and opportunities of a new fleet

Speakers : Jane Wilkins , Winter Fleet, National Depot Project Sponsor, Highways England

13.00 - 14.15

Lunch and exhibition viewing

14.15 - 14.40

A66 Winterpave trials

• Report on the progress of the trial so far
• Expected benefits
• Future trials and development

Speakers : Steve Mason, Senior Project Manager – Cumbria & North Lancashire, Highways England

14.40 -15.10

Managing winter at Gatwick

• How the world's busiest single runway airport manages winter maintenance
• The unique challenges of winter maintenance on runway and the de-icing materials used and the machinery
• How we keep our runway open throughout all weather conditions

Speakers : Roger Williams, Head of Surface Access Strategy, Gatwick Airport Limited

15.10 - 15.30

Applying the risk-based approach - how are we doing?

• How have local authorities implemented the risk-based approach
• How has this stood up against challenge?
• What is left to achieve and how can training help?

Speakers : Richard Hayes, Chief Executive, IHE

15.30 - 15.50

Risk-based approach - local authority presentation

15.50 - 16.10

Coffee and exhibition viewing

16.10 - 16.30

Roadside Weather Stations: their value now and in the future for road weather forecasting

• Overview of how observations are used in the weather forecasting process
• Demonstrate how observations improve road weather forecasts by: analysing the effect of observation data loss on forecast quality (data denial), and assessing the relative importance of each observing site and its contribution to road weather forecast skill (network sensitivity)
• To understand the types of location where observation sites provide optimal benefit to road forecast accuracy, and how this can be used to define recommendations for future observation network design
• Offer thoughts on whether Connected and Autonomous Vehicles might replace the need for roadside weather stations

Speakers : Anthony Veal, Senior Scientific Consultant, Met Office

16.30 - 16.50

Delivering a proactive approach to winter service in North Yorkshire

• The North Yorkshire approach to winter service delivery
• Making winter more efficient and the region more resilient
• What can be achieved in the future?

Speakers : Richard Marr, Highways & Transportation Area Manager, North Yorkshire County Council

17.00 - 19.00

Close of day one and evening drinks reception

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Day Two: Thursday 16 May

08.30 - 10.25

Visit to Econ Engineering factory and offices (optional)

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Registration and exhibition viewing

10.30 - 11.00

Delivering innovation and new technology in winter service plans

• The challenges and opportunities of managing severe weather in The Netherlands
• Incorporating change and new technology
• Benefits and efficiencies and making winter service delivery plans for effective

Speakers : Rini Donker , Senior Adviser, Rijkswaterstaat-Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

11.00 - 11.50

Introduction to the new NWSRG guidance, key changes and explanation regarding spread rates

Speakers : Chris Cranston, NWSRG and Operations & Communications Manager, Devon County Council

Salt Storage – the Gloucestershire Experience

Speakers : Chris Riley, Area - Highway Manager - Northern, Gloucestershire County Council (NWSRG Member)

Spreader Management – how to apply the new guidance in practice

Speakers : Peter Turland, Doncaster Council

11.50 - 12.10

Coffee & Exhibition Viewing

12.10 - 12.35

Local authority case study: Delivering innovation and community partnership working as part of an effective winter service plan

• Part one: Winter Resilience community partnership working arrangements
• Part two: Delivering innovative new customer-focussed services through web and voice activation, to provide 24/7 on-demand access to winter maintenance information

Speakers : Theresa Mackin , Business Support Manager, Ayrshire Roads Alliance Jim Jamieson, Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance Co-Ordinator, Ayrshire Roads Alliance

12.35 - 12.55

Salt production meeting the challenges of today and in the future

• How the UK’s rock salt producers are ensuring consistency of supply
• Investing in the future to meet the challenges faced
• Demonstrating improvements and efficiencies made in production and supply over recent years

Speakers : Philip Burgess, Executive Director, Salt Association

12.55 - 13.15

Local authority Case study: Northamptonshire County Council's approach to winter service delivery

Speakers : Leon Jolly, Head Of Highways Operational Delivery, Northamptonshire Highways

13.35 - 14.45

Lunch, exhibition viewing and close of day two