Hugh Deeming

Resilience Expert and Government Adviser

Hugh Deeming is a research consultant whose professional interests focus on understanding ‘community resilience’ and how it can be applied to strengthen UK civil protection/resilience institutions.

In 2015, his recognised expertise in these fields led to Hugh being commissioned to review Cumbria’s response to Storm Desmond and in 2017 to his becoming a Panel member of the Kerslake review into the Manchester Arena attack. This experience, of the forensic analysis of institutional learning from emergencies, directly informed DfT’s decision to commission Hugh to review broader highway sector learning from its exposure to and management of extreme-weather events (2015-2020).

The report, with its 27 observations was published by DfT in November 2021.

Hugh has an on-going interest in exploring ways to embed effective multi-agency working across the UK emergency-responder community. Accordingly, he has been working with John Lamb (LGTAG), DfT and the IHE on the development of a bespoke course to strengthen highway sector senior managers’ competencies in the delivery of Integrated Emergency Management (IEM).  Hugh and John are also working with others to develop a state-of-the-art highways Rapid Impact Assessment tool (Stormchain), the need for which was identified directly as a result of his sector reviews.  

Speaker Sessions

Thursday 26 May 2022

The first results from Stormchain: Highway Asset Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA)

Insights and evaluations from the first trials of a game-changing new system for impact assessments from extreme weather and other major incidents hitting the network.

: 09:30-10:00
Phil Moon John Lamb