John Lamb

Interim Director / Past President of LGTAG Oldham Council

Thirty Years leading people & projects across the Public Realm, Communities and Projects Large and small.

Ten years in the aviation sector saw John lead Highways & Transportation at Heathrow and Stansted. He responded to the collapse of the Heathrow Express rail construction and at Stansted lead key element of the Afghan Hijack and 747 Korean Air Freighter crash. Working across front line and strategic roles John innovative and customer focussed initiatives to sustainably manage impacts of aviation growth.

The last two decades John has led teams across County, Unitary, Mets and Boroughs. Born in Cumbria but a having grown up in Sheffield John has worked and worked in all but one of the Home Counties surrounding London. Now leaving in the North West John has worked at Trafford, Manchester and currently supporting Oldham Council.

As an interim Director John is now parachuted into councils to swiftly support local communities across the entire placed based services of Planning, Highways, Transportation and Waste management. As Chief Officer in Calderdale he witnessed first-hand the massive impact of the Boxing Day floods in 2015. Since then he has championed the need to better understand Resilience and Response across the Civil Resilience community. His determination with colleagues at DfT led to the development of the recent Deeming report

With DfT he chose Deeming owing to his impartiality and his prior expertise. The sector challenge – which John is now driving forward – is to unfreeze our thinking from traditional approach to winter (Grit, Salt and ploughs) and instead how we mobilise for incidents that will be 20% worse than the 2015 flooding or even as high as 30% in some areas across the UK.

Speaker Sessions

Thursday 26 May 2022

The first results from Stormchain: Highway Asset Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA)

Insights and evaluations from the first trials of a game-changing new system for impact assessments from extreme weather and other major incidents hitting the network.

: 09:30-10:00
Hugh Deeming Alex Klein-Paste