Graeme Middleton

British Parking Association

Graeme started his career in the UK construction industry in 1990 working for a global construction chemicals giant as a trainee and through the years has worked for both materials manufacturers and specialist car park refurbishment and building envelope contractors.

He is very active within the British Parking Association (BPA), frequently sharing best practise ideas when speaking to BPA regional membership groups on behalf of the Association’s Parking Structures Group, the BPA’s own ‘think tank’ on all things relating to the design, construction and maintenance of parking structures.

Graeme’s been involved in the refurbishment of more than 350 UK parking structures of all ages and sizes and is regularly invited to contribute to topical parking industry articles published in the UK’s parking press. He has extensive knowledge and direct experience of all of the ‘bad’ things you can do to parking structures, be it through poor initial design and construction techniques or lack of correct maintenance procedures to retain and even extend the life of parking structures. 

He is also on the Executive Committee of the UK’s Concrete Repair Association (CRA) as well as an Associate of the Institute of Roofing (AIoR).

Speaker Sessions

Thursday 26 May 2022

Winter resilience and parking

Winter service doesn’t just mean the road itself: An expert guide from the British Parking Association on making sure your car parks are protected.

: 10:30-11:00
Phil Moon Hugh Deeming